The Legend Of Malin Kundang

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The Legend Of Malin Kundang-Story

Story of a long time ago, live a poor family in the coastal area. The father works alongside the merchant ships to make ends meet. The family had a young boy named Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang is a diligent child, he helps every mother's work to lighten the burden of parents. So his mother is very dear to Malin Kundang.

Until at some point, the father went sailing. But after that day, no longer heard from the news. For years gone by, she has been working hard on her own to support herself and raise Malin. Seeing that, the young malin kundang feel very sorry.he was determined to work, to wander and to return home with much wealth for his mother. Until one day, there is a ship that is quite luxurious anchored. As usual, malin immediately ran to the ship with the freight workers, because the malin did work as a porter for the merchants who came to help his mother.

Seeing the malin so diligent, the ship captain became very interested. He intends to invite malin to sail and work on his ship. Malin was very happy, because his dream to sail and wander to the country will be realized. He ran home to ask for permission from his mother.

the legend of Malin Kundang

With a heavy heart, her mother took off her only child. Want to keep the malin to go, but because of seeing the determination of malin is so strong, the mother could not prohibit it. '' Be careful on the ground overseas ya boy. Be kind to everyone, always humble, and do not forget God Almighty ''. Message of the maline mother. '' Yes ​​mother .. malin will always remember the advice emak.malin will come home with a lot of treasure. Malin will become a rich man, so emak no longer work. Malin say goodbye ''. The word malin said goodbye to her mother's tears.

After that day, every day the maline mother always stood on the beach looking at the horizon, hoping malin to go home. Every time a ship stopped by, the mother of malin always ran over, hoping her son was on that ship. But it was always the disappointment that he got, his son was not on the ship.

Many years have passed, the mother of malin still waiting for her son return faithfully. He always stood by the beach, looking at the horizon in the morning and evening, hoping his son would come home soon. Until one day, the residents seemed busy running to the harbor. Mom kin kundang who was old and sickly sickly asked one of the residents.It turns out, in the middle harbor anchored a very luxurious and large ship. The owner is a handsome and wealthy young man, they carry a lot of merchandise. Hearing that, the mother of malin immediately ran to the harbor. His steps look weak and hobbled because of his old body and sickly.

After the harbor, there are so many people gathered. Aboard a ship is seen a pair of young people with luxury clothes distributing money to them. How delightful is the heart of the mother of malin, because as soon as she sees, she is so convinced that the handsome young man is her child. She can recognize it immediately thanks to the malnourished birthmark.

Soon the mother of malin climbed onto the boat and embraced the malin. But the malin treatment was unexpected, he threw the old woman down. ''Who are you? Dare to mess up my expensive clothes? ''. Malin blows. '' Malin .. it's me son, your mother. Now you're really a rich man. Now mum is so glad you're back home ''. Said the mother of malin.Malin shocked to hear it, unexpectedly woman with clothes worn it is her mother who has long left behind.

'' Is this a beggar really your mother bang? You say you're an orphan, it turns out he's still alive as a beggar .. ''. Said the malin kundang wife with a curt tone. Embarrassed with his wife, malin kundang finally denied. And said that it was a beggar who just claimed to be his mother for more money.then malin kundang asked the crew to drive him out roughly, and immediately lifted anchor and sailed leaving the place.

Received an outrageous treatment from his son, the malin kundang mother was very disappointed. The pain in his heart was unimaginable. Finally, he prayed to the Almighty. . '' Oh my God .. you are a very fair deity, and hear every prayer of your servant. If true he is not my son Malin, then give him salvation and happiness.But if he really Malin kundang my son who has long gone, then I curse him to be a stone ''.

Instantly, the clear sky became dark. The wind was blowing hard, and there was a rainstorm that hit the ship. Lightning strikes, waves rage. Seeing that, malin became very sorry for all his actions. But ask ma'af is now too late. Suddenly the luxury ship was hit by a very large lightning to break apart and sink.And it is said, malin kundang turned into a stone for daring to be ungodly to his mother

*Hopefully this is a lesson for us all *

This story comes from west sumatra "padang" indonesia

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