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PT Sanggar Sarana Baja

PT Sanggar Sarana Baja ("SSB") was established in 1977 as a business supporter of PT Trakindo Utama. SSB manufactures components and accessories for heavy equipment especially Caterpillar products. With improved engineering capabilities and more complete production facilities, in 1983 SSB diversified its business into the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries, while continuing to run its core business in the mining sector. The superiority of SSB lies in the quality of resources that are very complete, starting from facilities, machinery, workshops that are close to the customer's operational location, to the workforce. SSB has 10 branches in 7 provinces in Indonesia. At present SSB operates 3 (three) divisions, namely Business Services & Remanufacturing, Product and Project, supported by 1,623 employees as of the end of 2018.

Contact Details:Gedung TMT 1, 5th Floor Suite 501Jl. Cilandak KKO No. 1

Jakarta 12560

Tel.: +62 21 2997 6830Fax.: +62 21 2997 6835


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Pt Sanggar Sarana Baja

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