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Selawat dan Salam ke Atas Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad SAWNon-Stop Zikir Sholawat for Muslim's Prophet , Prayer and Education learning PurposeThis is educational content video/audio for Muslim all over the world#Heaven2015 #TheNawfal #CintaZikirSelawatTidurkan anak dengan berselawat kepada Baginda Nabi...Kelebihan Berselawat ke Atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.WAl-Sheikh Abdul Kadir Al-Jelani Al-Hasani, Quddisa sirruhu menyatakan tentang kelebihan berselawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. di dalam kitabnya al-Safinah al-Qadiriyyah. Beliau meriwayatkan daripada Ibnu Farhun berkata: Berselawat kepada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. itu mempunyai empat puluh dua kelebihan. Hal ini tertulis di dalam kitabnya ‘Hadaiq al-Anwar’:-**Note: We upload the sound and video about Zikir or Sholawat Prayer ( Muslim called it as Sholawat & Zikir/Dzkir/Zikr), Its is very familiar for all Muslim in this world to recite it as a daily prayer to their GOD.This Zikir recited with repeating it with the same words so its called ZIKIR/Sholawat. For them, more they recited it (zikir) so more reward will they getting from GOD.We also make the video with advance editing using adobe premiere PRO to add text and translation/subtitle for muslim easy to understand what the prayer is means.Its is real educational video for them.There is not a problem about repeating the same word to gain long time on the video, but it is normal for Muslim to recite it on that way. These Zikir/Du'a/Sholawat also is the same for all Muslim over the world , because its the way for Muslim perform their Prayer, all of them need to recited in the same words to gain reward from their GOD, last but not least there is no issue about to using the same audio(stitched together) for a long time in a Muslim prayer, its is very normal in Muslim way on their Prayer.Thanks u in advance for understanding Kind Regards Heaven 2015 Team.**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Participate in the reward of Allah! View and Share (Share) to your families & your friends. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please include us into the hands (prayers) your :) Please include us in your Du'a :) Peace All of you! Salam All! O Allah forgive me and all Muslims ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please Click 'Like - Share - Subscribe " Our Youtube Channel Facebook Page: Video From Juz Amma by Qari Ziyaad Patel click Here our video is not allowed on others channel (except with permission from us), if caught to do so we will take an action and report to youtube

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Ya Nabi Salam Alaika يا نبي سلام عليك

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Sholawat Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

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Ya Nabi Salam Alayka Lyrics In English Pdf

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