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idm serial number is among the greatest software that is meant for accelerating the files downloading speed on your laptop or desktop with the same internet connection. This software projects to raise the user’s files download speed up to 500 percent times the usual speed. With the internet download manager, you can have any sort of large and small files right on your laptop or desktop. The layout of this download manager consists of the download bar which will be displayed on your temporary screen to help in tracking the download process. It is also possible to minimize the application in the background in case you want to do some other activities on your device.

More so, this special program has a feature that enables you to resume the file downloading process in case of voluntary or involuntary interruption like interruption due to loss of internet and so on. In a nutshell, this downloading software with amazing features and simplified usage and you do not want to miss.

Technically IDM serial number is simply a product key rather than a serial number. However, the two terms have been used synonymously by both users and developers. Despite the fact that an IDM is a superb software for downloading files, it still needs this unique key (IDM serial number) prior to using it just like other most commercial programs.

In fact, the internet download load manager usually gives users a trial period of 30 days which is not extendable. Once the period is over, you will start getting prompting pop up messages that ask for the serial number. Sometimes, these periodical IDM serial number pop-ups can be quite frustrating and you might need an immediate solution- unlocking the software and starting the process of downloading your files without any annoying pop-ups.

How to obtain your serial number?

If you have really scratched your head and you have wanted to get a serial number for your IDM, you have two main ways to acquire it: Through the use of the program known as the product-key-finder or IDM’s automatic product key retrieval tool that is available online.

The online IDM product key retrieval tool found in the IDM’s website is certainly your best option. This is only the case if you were the one who acquired the program. Basically, a key finder facility is the best alternative in nearly every other circumstance where this essential key is lost. The IDM product key retrieval tool

The fastest, most official and least painful method to obtain your true, paid-for serial number for the IDM is to make use of their online mechanism to have it forwarded to you.

The steps:

  • Go to the IDM crack tool page
  • Key in the address (valid email address) you applied while purchasing your IDM.
  • Enter the code that you will be sent through your email and then Click the Submit Query button

After following all these steps, you should get a mail from the Tonec Inc, the creators and sellers for IDM in some few minutes. The email will have the IDM’s Serial number. You will need to it apply to once again install the program.

Notwithstanding, if you have problems with the email that you utilized to acquire the IDM, for instance, if you have forgotten your password, this alternative for getting the serial number for your IDM becomes quite impossible.

Using the Product-Key-Finder Program to get this product key.

This program (product-key-finder) gets the product keys as well as the serial key meant for the software that is installed on your machine.

Quite a number of programs that need serial numbers keep them in your machine’s Registry just after they have been entered, normally during or even immediately after you have installed the program. The same way, you can also achieve this with this downloading software.

Normally, getting this serial number is quite simple. As long as your IDM still exists, or in some instances even if it is not installed but rather it has not been quite long from the time it was initially set on your machine, this finder tool ought to automatically find, decrypt and reveal to you your real IDM serial number.

The process is simple:

  • Begin by downloading License Crawler- one among the numerous free programs for product key finder. However, the one it has been ascertained will find an IDM so easily, hoping it is still available in the registry.
  • Open the License Crawler and then click Search.
  • Patiently wait as it scans your Windows Registry and finds the serial number (product key) for the particular installed software.
  • Once it is done, go down till you get your obtained IDM in the list.
  • To ensure you remember it, you can choose to write or just safely keep the serial number, which comes as 4 sets of 5 characters.

After you have got your copy, you are free to utilize in reinstalling the program without any problem. Luckily, in case LicenseCrawler is not your favorite for some reasons or does not work, there are also other free programs like this (product key finders) that you can give a try as well.


These are the best ways to get a working and genuine IDM serial number. The other ethical and legal alternative to acquiring a working variant of this essential software is to purchase one.

Are there other kinds of IDM serial? Well, certainly, there is a record of IDM serials. But we have key creators or rather keygens that usually serve up these numbers forever. Nevertheless, these alternatives are not the legal ways of getting the program.

If you acquire a copy of this software for downloading, conduct your proper diligence and reach Tonec, go through your previous emails, give a try some other tools- Everything that you can to ensure get you to get a quality IDM. Nevertheless, if you have not purchased it and you are simply attempting to obtain without paying anything, you need to purchase it simply like everyone else. Either way, ensure that you always acquire a serial number that suits your needs and gives you the value of your money.


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