Sni 1726 Tahun 2012

Kriteria Desain Seismik Berdasarkan Peraturan Gempa Sni 1726

(PDF) Optimization System for Indonesian Steel Structure Using Genetic Algorithm and SNI 1726-2012

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 11, Number 14 (2016) pp 8318-8321

© Research India Publications.


b. Assemble the element k matrices to obtain the

structure or "global" matrix K,

c. Assemble loads into a global load vector R,

d. Impose support conditions, and

e. Solve the global equations KD = R for the vector D

of displacement of the nodes.

3. Post processing information in D and it means

compute strains and stresses.

Details of FEM can be found in the referenced book (Cook,

1995). All FEM script are written in MS Visual Basic 6. 0

programming language. The data of WF profile properties and

the data during optimization process are saved in file with.

MDB extension.



GA is a strategy inside group of Evolutionary Algorithm

(EA). GA with population-based global search strategy run

the evolution theory. Usually GA startedwithinitizalizationof

population, andthenfollowedby evaluate population, selection,

mating, crossover, mutation, stopping criteria and get

results(Goldberg, 1989). These steps are displayed as seen in

Fig. 3. For the FEM as “expensive process so CR is deployed

to fit the chromosome due to variables before FEM process.

This combination is named Genetic Algorithm Chromosome

Repairing (GACR). These variables are fitted to dimension

aspects (such as height of profiles, weight structures, etc. ) and

the data area obtained through ordinary program, not FEM.

Individual ofpopulation are presentedbychromosomes in

whichthecombinationofgenotypes (Budiati, 2013). In

thispaper, genotypes are takenfrom WF

profileprovidedandreaystock in marketplace in Indonesia. The

codeofgenotypesandPhenotypes are thendisplayed in Table 1.



Stopping criteria is

satisfied Yes



Get Result


Fitness Evaluation



Indonesian earthquake

Design Code

Indonesian ready

stock WF Profiles SAP2000 Response

spectrum database

Dimension criteria is




Figure 2: Flowchart of GACR (Budiati, 2013).

Table 1: GenotypeandPhenotypeofreadystock WF Profile in




The structure to be optimized is 2D 10 stories Original

Moment Frame (OMF) steel structure. Each story has 9. 14

Meter height except the first floor has and each beam has 9.

14 Meter length. 6 different group types of columns are used

in every floor and also 4 different froup types of beams are

used in every floor (see Fig. 3).

Figure 3: 2D steel structure model.

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