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Goa Pindul Cave Tubing: A Magical Journey In The Underground River

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Sailing down a river on an inflatable boat is a common thing, but floating on the river in a cave by tubing offers a different experience. This is the kind of journey that you can expect at Goa Pindul Cave. Located at Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (about 7 kilometres from central city of Wonosari), this destination offers a 45-minute exhilarating journey inside the earth’s belly by tubing.

This adventure that combines rafting and caving is called cave tubing. Like rafting, cave tubing allows participants to float along a river, albeit on a rubber tube and the main highlight of your river journey will take you into a cave. The river flow comes from Gedong Tujuh Spring, which never dries even in the dry season. The calm river flow also allows kids to do this activity.

The ticket fee is 45,000 IDR (approximately 3.75 USD) per person, which includes the helmet, rubber tube, life vest, rubber shoes and an experienced guide who will give the instructions on how to do cave tubing. The best time to start cave tubing at Goa Pindul Cave is around 9am or 10 am. By doing so, you can avoid the cold water, as well as enjoy the beautiful light from the sun that shines into the cave through the roof.

Goa Pindul aerial view

Pindul Cave was opened on 10th October 2010. It is 350 metres in length, 5 metres in width, and 4 metres in height from the water surface to the cave roof, and with 5-12 metres water depth. Within the cave, there are 3 zones, namely the light zone, the obscure zone, and the dark zone. In the light zone, you can swim and jump from the rock into the water (3 metres height). In the obscure zone, you can see stalactites and the ornaments that formed naturally. In the dark zone, which is referred to as the eternal darkness, the guide will turn off all flashlights, allowing participants to be enveloped by pitch darkness for a while.

Do not miss the stalactites in the cave! These are a type of formation that hang from the ceiling of caves. One particular stalactite is the biggest in Pindul Cave and the 4th biggest in the world; it needs 5 people holding hands to surround it. On the wall of the cave, we can see the abstract painting from water, crystal rock, and moonmilk that adds to the beauty of the cave.

There is a big pillar that is made from a stalactite and stalagmite unification thousand of years ago in the centre of the cave. On its side, there is a particular stalactite shaped like the male genital, which is called batu perkasa (power rock). According to a myth, if a man can touch that rock, he will obtain increased sexual vitality.

In the middle of the cave, there are also pearl droplets that will always drip when people pass by. It is said that if a woman washes her face with this water pearl, she will become more beautiful.

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Along the way, the guide shared a story on the origin of Pindul’s name. According to legends, there was a man named Joko Singlulung, who looked for his father everywhere - from the wilderness to the mountain to the river and to the caves. When he entered one of the caves at Bejiharjo village, his cheek grazed the rock and swelled. That is why it’s called Pindul, which derived from the term ‘pipi gebendul’ (swollen cheek).

Before the journey is over, there will be a big pond bathed with natural sunrays through a hole in the ceiling. You can take a rest for a while, take some pictures, and swim towards the land before completing your adventure.

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